Tuesday, February 28, 2006


For those of you who are reading the ashcan...and some of this relates to the full length Issue #1 also!


COMA SLEEPERS: The coma-sleepers have tremendous psychic power when they are in their beds at the Empress’ castle and work healing magic through dreams. They have usually been brought there by some freak accident and their bodies remain in stasis in Wakesleep. Some stay sleeping and some are periodically ‘awakened’ in Dreamtime to fulfill their purpose. The chosen become warriors or inventors, and come from different countries and cultures.

HALLOWEEN: When it ‘comes up Halloween’ it’s a holiday/day of magic in Dreamtime when the veil between the worlds and levels is thinnest, and this is the only time the gods can walk among humans in Wakesleep without consequence. Usually they have to obtain special permission from the supreme A-Level to be able to go into Wakesleep. It’s a dangerous day, as the C-level demons like to cause trouble. Minx has extra warrior work on that day!

SUBURBIA refers to the outer areas of Dreamtime, the place where humans end up in different scenarios of dreams and nightmares…it changes and looks like familiar scenarios to the sleepers and most are not aware that they are actually in another realm altogether.

THE LOTUS EATERS are C-level monsters who attack humans in Dreamtime and suck bits of their energy – like leeches – leaving the people exhausted when they wake up.

The HOUSE OF THE HUNTER is another name for Ares’ realm

The Philosopher’s Stone is a magical object used for alchemic process of transformation in Dreamtime.

Monday, February 27, 2006


I have so many updates...working on a new Minx site that will have video clips and tons of photos which I am sorting through.

But for now...I will just say I am overwhelmed and so pleased by the reaction to MINX. The launch party at Soho 323 was packed with an amazing crowd. Thanks to Arson class for the DJ set, Jessica Ciarla for publicity, Melissa Ulto for kick-ass video which will eventually be on the new site.

The New York Comic-con was a wonderful experience, especially since my table was located by Philip Clark and Rich B. and James Rodriguez - it makes all the difference to have your crew around. The fans were great - intelligent questions and much enthusiasm.

On Saturday Minx cover artist Liza Biggers and comic artist Celistella Rosario were at the booth signing autographs with me. I wish that Gerry Jobe could have made it down from Canada, but he was there in spirit.

My super-cool arch-nemesis Ptolemy was present at the con, and I had two Dreamtime Goddesses with me - The High Priestess and Rhiannon. Everyone was into the fact that ALL THE CHARACTERS EXIST IN REAL LIFE! And the corset & latex costumes didn't hurt either.

Yes, I cut my finger quite badly Saturday night (fighting crime after dark has a price, kids) and therefore was not able to be there all day Sunday. That's the first time I actually saw the inner workings of my own flesh, which freaked me out because I didn't have the energy to go to the hospital, but was sort of cool in a sick way, reminding me of my humanity. It's healing fast thanks to my friend Paul's first aid.

Stabbed on my left hand and I am left-handed...the wedding ring finger. I'll probably use this image in a collage or something.

More later...

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Copious Amounts Press will debut MINX at the New York Comic-Con.

The first edition of New York Comic-Con begins on Friday, February 24 and does not stop until Sunday, February 26. You’ll find everything from the latest comics, graphic novels, anime and manga, to celebrities, TV, movies & gaming tournaments. Go to www.nycomiccon.com for all the updated show information.

Neal Adams * Brian Michael Bendis * Jim Lee *
Todd McFarlane* Brad Meltzer * Joe Quesada *
Kevin Smith* Jim Steranko

Visit www.nycomiccon.com or call 1-888-605-6059 to purchase your tickets. (Children 12 & Under Free with Paid Adult Admission.) While at the con, make sure to visit Copious Amounts Press at BOOTH AA86.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Writer/Creator Andrea Grant will debut a Collector’s Preview Edition of her new comic book MINX: Coma Sleepers Hear It All on Wednesday, February 22nd at Soho 323. Entertainment will include a DJ set by Arson Class, known for his musical collaborations with Moby, Vertical 8 and Girls Against Boys, and a MINX short film presented by VJ Miixy.

Inspired by Andrea Grant’s Native American heritage Coma Sleepers Hear It All is a sardonic look at the conflict between the spiritual world and a world driven by corruption. Illustrated by newcomer Celistella Rosario, the characters are physically based on actual people in Ms. Grant’s everyday life. MINX is lettered by Philip Clark, the creator of Quantum: Rock of Ages.
This is part 1 of 4 in the first Minx Comics miniseries.

To RSVP email: RSVP@minxcomic.com. Wed. Feb. 22nd - Soho 323 @ 323 West Broadway.
Media Call 6: 45 PM, Event Starts at 7:00 PM.